The shortest way to awakening

Zsolt Samu spiritual leaderThis is not an average spiritual site. We don’t deal with theories, magic, personal development and others. What is exclusively important is awakening, Homecoming and the processes that follow it in order for you to experience your Self and reach self-realisation. This is also called Samadhi or Atman is different traditions. In our midst, there are no levels; we don’t stop at even God either. There is only one thing that is unvarying and eternal: the ONE, Brahman. Here the soul gets completely purified from the impurities and false belief systems piled upon it. The soul in a pure state is YOU yourself. This is very simple, yet, it is the most wonderful thing that exists in the world. Already a multitude of Homeled say concordantly: nothing else makes sense.

What is the difference from other spiritual teachers?

Zsolt Samu shows seekers an even shorter way to awakening than before. With elaboration and honesty not seen anywhere before, he teaches clearly and plainly and makes you experience the steps leading to self-realisation, the starting point of enlightenment. He himself does not belong to any trend, he accomplished the path on his own. At his death experience, his master was Jesus Christ.
In Zsolt’s vicinity, the mind stops and many people have already reported having the experience of a no-mind and timeless state. Moreover, Zsolt is capable of getting souls directly to their source and beyond. More than eighty souls have reached their true Home with his help and some have even gone beyond! Only Karana gurus are capable of this and they are very rare. Zsolt Samu doesn’t consider himself a guru, he does not identify with this either; he “defines” himself with the attribute “the Inexpressible”, at the same time, his abilities demonstrate that he is a Karana guru. The Karana guru is extremely rare and only the ones realized at this level are capable of doing what he does. “Karana guru: the one who is able to bestow upon you the ability to unite with the Eternal Absolute, Brahman. Someone who is capable of accomplishing the transformation of man into Divinity.” Sri Saileela

The books of Zsolt Samu

In his books, THAT Golden Shot to the Mind and THAT Golden Shot to the Mind Part 2 – Heaven and Hell on my Path, Zsolt describes the path of his awakening. These writings are incomparable and address the Eternal in the reader. Because THAT is there, in us, in everyone. Zsolt’s greatest gift to the people is that he proved that an everyday person can also reach enlightenment and that it is open to everyone who is ready to give everything up. To do this, there is no need to retreat into a cave in India for decades. This is an inner path that remakes everything we thought about the world until then. The guidance of Zsolt, however, sees us through the difficulties.

Zsolt did not have a spiritual teacher; he was not interested in spirituality before. He is not a member of any school. He does not consider himself to be a religion, a sect or a trend. He does not like trimmings, he stands for simplicity. For him, the main trend is the soul. Although he grew up in a Calvinist family, he was not religious. He did believe in God and Jesus Christ. At the time of his death experience, he placed his life into Jesus’ hands.

Zsolt’s spiritual uniqueness

Living his True Self, the essence of the Supreme flows through him into the world. His role is special amidst the awakened as he has the extraordinary power to cut through and shorten the path for seekers thereby enabling them to experience their source nature, then the nature of Supreme Reality or Samadhi directly. His powerful help and detailed descriptions ease the way for committed seekers.

What he talks about, he also realizes: experiencing ourselves through ourselves. This self is not personal, but we are that which contains the whole universe; we are that which maintains this universe and that which sees it. We are the ultimate reality and this is our real home. Zsolt teaches people how to attain and live this, as well as what kind of difficulties and hurdles are on the path. Shortcutting endless decades of meditation and yoga for many seekers, this unique and unmatched opportunity is open to everyone in English as well, from an authentic source.

We invite you to join us in the Truth! Self-realized Zsolt Samu and his growing number of disciples will help you every step of the way.