The shortest way to awakening


The Path of Love

Everyone knows that magic word, „I love you”. Everyone wants to live in the magic of love forever.

The soul remembers the One. The One satisfies all my lack, fulfills my love and gives satisfaction. The One is forever and is perfect in everything. To be in love with the real one is not someone, not a woman or a man. The real one has no form and no gender. It is without qualities and without a body. This is pure love, it is only possible to really be in love this way. The „I love you” exists on many levels, but there is only one place where it is forever.

This word penetrates deeply into the soul. Into depths, where nothing and no one can enter. The soul knows it is addressed to it. To the innocent soul. To the untouched one. To the one of the clear light. This word comes to life in the innocent soul. It has a vibration and it sets the loving nature of the soul ablaze. The soul responds with its own nature which is pure, impersonal love. And its answer is not for somebody. It is for the Beloved.

This is what the soul has always been waiting for. This is what it has always been looking for. This love. Forgetting that this is its own nature as it were. Because of this love, your tears flow because it is so pure. It is so untouchable, infinite and light, and you cannot get enough of it. The soul is kindled by its own nature. Nobody and nothing can touch this. This Love will always remain pure. And the soul embraces itself in love’s embrace. This is non-dual love.

And this is the pure love you desire. It is always here. It is in your soul. At the bottom of your soul. Where nothing gets to. Neither the pain of the world, nor the problems, nor anything personal. Where there is no noise. Where there is the eternal untouched. And that is your essence. That is beautiful in itself. It is not about the person. It is not personal. And the great miracle is that Divine love is here in this body, in this soul. You have been looking for love outside, unconditional love, pure non-transient love, while it is deep within you. We are always God’s lovers. It has never been any other way.

It is not possible to express in words what God’s love is. We can only dance it away. There is no beauty in the world that we could compare it to. There is no wonderful feeling it could be compared to. Nothing comes up to this love! But there is no man who would not respond to the love of God. There is no soul that in its depths would not be the love of God. There is nothing else! Only the love of God. There is no knowledge, no greatness. There is only God’s love. This is your spiritual nature. Nothing else. This love is divine. It fills the body and becomes happiness. The soul just dances, dances in an endless loving dance, in its loving nature. It does not depend on anything or anyone. It has always been like this, it has always been this. And the loving nature of the soul manifests through the body. It manifests this in space and time for its own joy.

This love with the Beloved joins Heaven and Earth, extinguishes contrasts because the Beloved is everywhere and we recognize that this is us. The Beloved falls in love with the Beloved. We fall in love with the true, enamoured nature of ourselves. Dividedness ceases, Heaven and Earth, man and woman, within and without, above and below, everything and nothing, good and bad, all contraries, form and formless, somebody and nobody, sublime and damnation, this world and the afterlife, the greatest and the smallest cease to be apart. Limits cease, the limits of forms and everything are made of the Beloved, made of love, made of eternal fulfilment, eternal satisfaction and all this at once.

We no longer want to achieve big things, we have achieved everything, we have been searching for this, the certainty about eternal happiness, eternal existence, about alwaysness that starts again and again, again and is fulfilled again. Wondering, we take note that the Promised Land exists and we are always there. This Promised Land is the undivided, real Self, the already fulfilled. The already fulfilled in which there’s everything we have been longing for, and also what we had no idea about. We are Canaan. The undivided Self. Isn’t it wonderful?

Then there’s Beauty. The essence of everything is Beauty. The essence of God is beauty. Beauty is timelessness and spacelessness, formlessness, beyond duality and unity. Its source, place and reason cannot be defined. Beauty just is.
Beauty is the mirror of God. This Beauty shines in every soul.

If the love of the Beloved has touched you, get away! Give yourself to It! You feel that you cannot be disappointed because it takes you to the Promised Land, to the undivided Self.