The Disciples

“My authenticity will be you yourselves.” – Zsolt Samu

On this page, you can meet some disciples that have been to the Truth by the Inexpressible and have realized God in everything. They reached the ONE Soul, the Absolute, Brahman. The One, Brahman is expressed through the disciples. They started in different backgrounds but each Soul got into the same One. They are committed to the service of the Truth.

Hajnalka Bak

I’m Hajnalka Bak. Until the age of forty, I was a mother, a wife, a good coworker, an outstanding employee, etc. I realised everything offered by the culture but I still wasn’t entirely happy and satisfied.

At this point, I started to look for what actually the meaning of my life was and who I am in reality? I thought that ancient knowledge and yoga would lead me to the recognition of this, to self-realisation. Therefore I studied various yoga schools, I was absorbed in them, I taught yoga for sixteen years but I still didn’t get closer to Myself, to enlightenment or to Samadhi, the goal of yoga. I didn’t stop the quest, the search until I met Zsolt Samu. Zsolt’s radical methods and tests have been the biggest challenges in the past one and a half years. Under the guidance of Zsolt I experienced who I really am: the One, therefore, my search has ended.

I would like everyone to get to where I arrived at, the true Home. Today I live for this, helping and serving, teaching everyone who wants to return to his/her true Home.

Motto: There’s no terminus in infinity, only the Home exists…

Lilla Botlik

Following a spontaneous spiritual experience in 2014, a spiritual path started, though I did not know about it at the time. An invisible but perceivable and irresistibly attractive force was directing me as a child is guided.

From the age of nine, due to the separation from my twin sister, I was suffering from an untreatable syndrome such as a split personality, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. For me, the biggest agony was that I felt, I was separated from myself, therefore, I couldn’t connect to others or to the Universe. Since my childhood, my biggest dream was to get to know the universe, but I admitted that due to the separation, it wasn’t possible and by the time I was in my twenties I resigned to live my life being “deficient”.

I fell more and more in love with this force and intelligence that was pulling and attracting me and I knew that It is the one and only love and to become one with it was my sole desire. A love “relationship” developed that helped to have a view of the wounds caused by trauma and they started to dissolve. I couldn’t really talk about this and wasn’t practising any spiritual trend, however, I leant on this process with childlike trust.

At the beginning of summer 2018, I came across an interview with Zsolt Samu on YouTube, who was completely unknown to me until then. I immediately applied for the summer Soul Freedom (Homeleading) retreat. I didn’t know what was going to happen there, what Homeleading is, I simply wanted to be there! Through the grace of the Inexpressible, I was able to experience the Home, the soul got Home at last! How many years of seeking and self-work are needed for a soul to even get to surrender?
To realise this on one’s own is nearly impossible, or only through years and decades of suffering. This is a unique opportunity for souls that burnt out in the world and recognised that their Home is not in it.

It is an indescribable miracle that through the grace of the Inexpressible and with total surrender, the soul can live its own nature and natural being that is free, limitless, eternal and natural and it can melt into, die into the Truth. In fact, this is just the beginning, the depths will be revealed after this. Committed service, loyalty to the Truth and as the result of the continuous work of the Inexpressible, the soul realises that it is only here in the world for the Truth and that as many souls as possible know and experience it.

Motto: Everything happening through the grace of the Inexpressible here is the Truth. What the big traditions talk about, here, it is realised. This is true healing.

Csaba Glóner

I’m Csaba Glóner.

I have been seeking since my teenage years but I have only known spiritual paths in Christianity and the ones I could read about in literature, novels and philosophy.

I have set everyday goals for myself and spent my days accomplishing them. By the age of 40, I became sceptical of everything. When I got to know The Inexpressible and its Disciples group, the sceptical attitude also appeared regarding the group. Still, the Truth has directed me into this community.

Through the grace of the Inexpressible, I had lived experiences in the sacrament of leadings from 2018 New Years Eve and in March 2019 I became one with the Truth.

Only the service of Truth exists, which has the sole purpose of bringing the Gospel about the Truth to all souls.

Motto: You can also see the Truth. Throw away everything that covers it.

Krisztina Higyed

People say many things at introductions, ” I am this, I am that”, but I could never relate to any of these things. I could have also said the opposite of everything, it would have been true just as much. I could never believe that I have to pick one point of view or quality for myself. I could play the roles but I could not really empathize. I have been seeking since the age of 6, from the moment I realized that I am. At that moment, something was lost, I did not see the objects living any more and happiness was also lost. A life full of burdens, alienation and suffering began. I have awakened from that through the grace of the Inexpressible in April 2018, I have recognized myself, my real nature as the source of everything. In March 2019 I could enter into the Truth and became one with it. The path has ended, there is no seeking any more, everything is here in this moment. There is nothing that would be separate in this existence and this is unlimited tranquillity, joy and happiness independent from everything. I am committed to doing all that I can so that more and more souls hear the good news that they are not limited persons, but the endless, unlimited, not worldly, eternal life. Every sufferer and seeker of the Truth and God has to know about this and as many souls have to experience this as possible. This is the real meaning of life, getting to know what you really are. Real Life starts from here.

Motto: Do not believe it, experience it! You are much more than you would think.

Ferenc Jó Marton

I’m Ferenc Jó Marton.

Previously, I lived my life in a series of struggles (jobs, workplaces, engineering career, studies, marriage, construction work, rush, etc.), trusting that what I long for will be realised “when” I’ll be doing it “well enough”.

I got fed up around the age of forty. I didn’t become happier no matter how successful I was at the surface. At this point, I gave up being tolerant towards the dying culture and looked for knowledge that gave solutions. I was interested in what worked and what didn’t work in everything. It turned out that by the raising of the level of consciousness progress can be made. Since I’m into this, it has been proven to be a particularly good direction.

We’ve been studying at Zsolt Samu since January 2017 and my home leading took place in April 2017. This is a lived experience that cannot be compared to anything. It is the Greatest Grace that exists. In my case, the steps that have led to this through the decades are linked together, even when “nothing was happening” because I didn’t notice it. The way Zsolt Samu leads to the Ultimate Reality and the way we return to our original being and existence is unspeakable and indescribable – poets, your turn. We are born again in this same life – somewhere.

Previously, I felt ashamed in front of my children and in myself that we couldn’t make the world more human either and the madness of futilities continues. Now we’ve received the grace that our soul can step out into Universal Totality. Now that intellect is holding onto the liberated soul. I become contented by every evening time. Activities abound, but without the sense of stress. Zero emotional drama. Zero “human games”. I’m a new entity practising the functioning of my new being. I have been appointed captain on the light spaceship but I am the spaceship, the crew, the ocean and the light too – Zsolt Samu, Pole Star shining far.

Motto: The same Inexpressible shines in everyone

Bernadett Takács

My name is Bernadett Takács. My birth happened in April 2018, before that as a seeker, I searched the hidden dimension behind the concept of enlightenment with the tools available to me. “silence session” I tried also and I notice The appeasement of a sense of discomfort in me propelled me to always seek out new and more knowledge, teachers and trends through which I can find the key opening the padlock of my being. As it turned out, the clue to this was Zsolt Samu that also brought the realisation that there never was either a padlock or a key. I knew that everything I believed in before was given up in me.

When I crossed the border of the conscious and the unconscious, a path unfolded in front of me that made me gradually open up to myself and shed the layers that were never me. The void, the lack of someone and something, yet the totality revealed itself where the nothing and the everything are also just parts of itself. I also give right hemisphere drawing courses currently that offer an opportunity for the participants to experience the balance of both hemispheres through drawing, the true nature of their original being.

Motto: You’ll be the most when nothing is left of you

Balázs Vető

After having been reading a lot of books and listening to videos I found Zsolt Samu in a video on YouTube. At the end of this video there was a so-called “silence session” I tried also and I notice with surprise that it started something in me. When I checked, I saw that it was a video that was uploaded six months before 🙂. This was living proof right away that what is real, is timeless and knows no bounds. When I first met Zsolt in person, it could be seen in his look that the whole world is contained in his eyes.

Now I have absolute certainty that he is the ultimate reality and also its manifestation. My home leading took place on the first day of the retreat in Kőszeg. Zsolt asked if I was willing to let go of the world and choose the truth? I said yes. He said you’d be next then. I became alert at this point and was watching when this moment came. During my home leading it came out that which wanted to do this even when I should have let this go too. Then Zsolt said, OK, do it then. And I tried it with all my might then collapse came. I saw that I never had any power and that everything I believed to be mine I merely got it. I saw that what I believed myself to be is a mere cypher, a nobody… and I died of it there.

Now I have absolute certainty that he is the ultimate reality and also its manifestation. My home leading took place on the first day of the retreat in Kőszeg. Zsolt asked if I was willing to let go of the world and choose the truth? I said yes. He said you’d be next then. I became alert at this point and was watching when this moment came. During my home leading it came out that which wanted to do this even when I should have let this go too. Then Zsolt said, OK, do it then. And I tried it with all my might then collapse came. I saw that I never had any power and that everything I believed to be mine I merely got it. I saw that what I believed myself to be is a mere cypher, a nobody… and I died of it there.

Then my shadow self appeared, the one that was controlling until now and kept me in fear. It was very afraid of Zsolt and I experienced with astonishment that it is also me. I cannot tell you this astonishment. Before I imagined that me, the good one will be watching when this evil one is leaving me 🙂, but it wasn’t quite this way. That was also me. That itself is the person. When it left, I got weak and I realised that something is waking up… Words cannot describe it. Innocence was born. Vibrating liveliness pervaded everything… grace emanated from everything… I felt like a baby that was just born. I was just looking and feeling the emanation of grace from everything… This look has no focus. It just is. A knowledge appeared that I’m for It, the Supreme. This pulled me towards It. I became one with It, the Source. This is when we know that we’ve been always looking for this and we’ve always been this 🙂.

From here on, everything unwrinkles. Words cannot express this. Overwhelming peace and contentment come that finally, you arrived Home. Here you know that only this exists and you’ve always been this. You just believed the thought ‘I’ from which ‘mine’ came and from this, a person developed that was believed to be real. That is vulnerable because it believes that it possesses. And for the one that believes this, fear appears, because what they believe to be his/hers can also lose it 😉.

After this everything changes. You’re not here as someone but you’re here as the soul, as existence. You’re liberated from all burden. Peace and freedom characterize it but these words never describe what it is like. It can only be lived. Anything you’d say about it isn’t true because words cannot describe it. From here on, the greatest joy for you is when another soul returns back to its source. Later on, you’ll feel that ‘(s)he’ is coming to you 🙂. This is an inexpressible joy…

From this point, your “life” takes a new turn because this is the only thing that makes sense in the world. So that “others” can also experience, “who” they really are. What you fear the most (losing your “I”) is where the greatest blessing and freedom will be born from. Then you’ll see what burden you’ve been cherishing until now.

Motto: What you fear most, is where the greatest blessing and freedom will be born from.

My name is Éva Zólyomi. I have never really been a seeker, I did not know spiritual teachings, I had just been continuously feeling that “life cannot be just this, I was born for something else, there has to be something else.” In 2014, with the death of my mother, I got a gift from her that started me off in the direction of self-enquiry and turning towards God. I did not know where I was going, what exactly I was looking for, I did not know what to do but I felt that someone was continuously standing beside me showing the right direction, I felt God’s touch continuously on my forehead. I lived in a happy family, still, I felt that I did not want to carry on with this life like this.

I went to kundalini yoga class actively for 2 years and I had experiences, but all of them lasted only seconds. Back then I thought that the Soul remembers its true nature, but now I already know that those moments were not memories but reality, I was in the present, I was living in the Truth, even for only moments. I have first met Zsolt Samu the Inexpressible in March 2018 through my husband at a book launch. At the first moment, I knew that all my life I had been looking for the Truth that he represents and after that, there were no more questions. The Soul took over control and was taking me along the path to the Truth through the guidance, support and leading of the Inexpressible.

I continuously see and throw falsehood that is not ME off me. Through the experiences, I see what is true and false of the world and I serve the Truth, real life according to the soul’s nature. Real existence is service itself, the service of God, that every Soul gets to know the Truth about itself, about God and the world. This is the only meaning of being born into a body once more, for the last time, to get to know this and to serve the Truth.

Motto: You need to walk a long road so that you realize you did not need to go anywhere because you were THAT, you are THAT in every moment.

Péter Zólyomi

I’m Péter Zólyomi. My spiritual path also started with suffering. At the age of 35, I was a very successful managing director of a multinational company, I lived in a happy relationship with my spouse and two smart and intelligent children. I was surrounded by an extended and supportive family. Despite the fact that I had everything and was successful in everything, I was dying. I felt that I was becoming thinner and thinner and I didn’t understand what I was doing at my workplace and what was the sense of all this. The world was very tiring, I got home and then crashed out. I felt that life couldn’t be this much, that I couldn’t live my life as a robot, there had to be something more.

At this point, the spiritual literature found me which I was scoffing with an increasing swing and I tried plenty of spiritual methods and was especially attracted to the books, schools and teachers related to enlightenment. In the seeker, the first and most important skill that develops is his/her sensibility for the truth. We see and we find… The knowledge that comes is always the kind that we can process and let in. Of course, we will throw away what we have found because we realise that it only contained half-truths and we find an ever purer source… As I myself too have started off from very deep and totally rationalist and materialist worldview, I had to experience a lot to work myself step by step.

The method of learning on the path is the experience. There’s no development without harsh honesty and experience. While I was reading, searching, tried out everything, I had more serious experiences after a while, but these only gave short, momentary wonders and later on this wasn’t enough either. I had to have more… and as I was changing, my life also got reorganised around me. I met Zsolt Samu in December 2017 when a family acquaintance told me about him. I watched one of his videos followed by video after video, I was literally glued to the screen, that was how much attraction I felt towards him. Truth emanated from him and he talked about the things I didn’t really understand then simply and nicely. I wanted to see him straight away and the meeting in person at a book launch only confirmed that I had found a really big treasure here and I couldn’t believe that I had stumbled upon a teacher of such calibre in Hungary.

Zsolt was my first teacher who didn’t want to build and repair anything on me, but he started to destroy. His teachings alone rocked my world and everything I judged to be important started to fall into dust, then with his radical methods, I got to know such depths of myself that I didn’t know existed before… Then through his grace, I was born on 14th May 2018, the Inexpressible led me home. The experience of the Home shook off all burden and dissolved all illusions. I lived through that everything is THAT, including me, immeasurable and a kind of ultimate relief descended upon me. It’s finished. The search for everything ended because this is what I was looking for in everything. And it will never pass, it’s always here, was and will be, unshakeable, everything springs and exists from this.

The fineness of the Home is still with me today no matter how the mind tries to come back, in the knowledge of the Home, every shot dissipates very easily. It’s like the screens have been pulled open and the puppet show couldn’t be played any more because the shadows are gone. All your suffering is just a shadow if you’re the sun, how could the shadows reach you?

Motto: A real teacher destroys, tears apart, takes your world away then kills you. At the end of the path, you understand that this is real grace and the greatest gift.