Live Broadcast “Soul Yoga” 5th May at 7 PM UTC+2

Dear Soul,

In our next live broadcast, we will talk about the Soul Yoga, when the soul moves without the person, experiences space, and it lives its pure quality through the movement. The movement itself is the expression of life, the delicacy of the soul, the soul taking delight in itself, life enjoying life. Then time is lost, perception is transformed, and not the person, but the soul experiences itself, the simplest movement is a delight.

You true Self is the Truth living in you. You’ve heard and read so much about this and yet you couldn’t realise, attain it. Zsolt Samu, seeking the Truth, has gone along the journey of the experience of the soul during many years on his own. His infinite tenacity, unquenchable desire got him to experiencing Ultimate Reality and through grace, we became capable of getting seekers there too.

If you’ve been longing to find out who you really are, that desire will lead you there. In our midst, more than 110 souls have already got to know their real Home.

The Truth helps souls go all along the path to Ultimate Reality, into the Truth and Life. This is the calling the soul has been waiting for!

The living Truth is here, more and more souls meet it and everyone is welcome. You can now watch and hear Zsolt Samu and his disciples LIVE and can contribute with your questions on Live Chat.

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We are looking forward to seeing you!