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Dear Seeker,

This work originally was a blog where Zsolt Samu shared his awakening experiences with his acquaintances. The final content of the work was “produced” in three years, thanks to the seeker’s curiosity about Zsolt’s experiences.

Once when nobody reacted to Zsolt’s testimonials, Zsolt asked his friends what the reason for that was. He thought what he wrote was too bad and he scared his readers away. But – as it turned out later – it was far from the truth. They were waiting breathlessly of what was to come. According to the accounts, reading the text did not have an effect at the level of the mind, no questions were generated like before. There was someone who began to cry. There were people who reported about some kind of “break out” energy that wanted to come out of them and there were some who simply could not speak.

With these antecedents and the repeated conviction of how important Zsolt’s work was, a decision has been made. A book was written about the whole awakening process and in accordance with the story, it needed adequate explanation. The purpose was to share everything what was found worthy in the most simple style.

It is important to mention that the quality Zsolt wants to communicate can not be described at the level of words. It is already a limit. Moreover, his book was translated by disciples and not professionals. Please note that. Nevertheless, people who have read it, all reported feeling its unique energy.

This book is not recommended for everyone!

Based on previous reports and feedbacks we could say unambiguously that the path of awakening has so-called “side effects”.
This is not bad at all! What is more, that is the point, because awakening is nothing but a series of changes.

We call your attention to this because we know that many people think of self-searching like a hobby. They like to read or talk about it but they do not want to experience any serious changes. Or they are simply lazy to do anything for it. If you are like that, we gentle ask you that do not read this book.
The life of an average person moves on the level of mind. Awakening puts this mind to the background and purifies it. If this process has once started, it may not possible to reverse it – but of course, a serious seeker would not have such an intention.

So, dear seeker, read the book only at your own risk.

If you are a person who has the desire to awake in the first place and there is nothing, nothing that you regret to sacrifice for it, then we have some good news for you:

You have found what you have always looking for!


Only at your own risk!
Golden Shot

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