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Would you like if more people experienced the silence of awakened consciousness? If you help to spread the truth, you help yourself on the way of experiencing your true nature.

When Zsolt Samu became awakened, he made an oath that he will sacrifice his life and talk to people about his wonderful experience. His goal is to make more and more people realize their own natural being through which they could live a happy and complete life. He wrote two books, made a number of videos with minimal help from others. He has been talking about the only truth for years now, with the utmost patience and untiringly towards seekers. His videos touch the soul and spread the words of the truth.

We still need help to spread this message so that it can reach more and more people around the world. If you feel touched and you want to support this work, please use the following ways:

Zsolt Samu
Steiermarkische Sparkasse Gratkorn
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You may also help us personally with our ever-expanding tasks. For more information please contact us.

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